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Asbestos Suit against Goodyear Tire is Dismissed

On Tuesday, April 7, a California federal judge dismissed an asbestos suit against Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. as the company had settled with the family of a U.S. Navy worker who died from asbestos-induced cancer.

Following the death of Patrick Donlon from malignant mesothelioma in May 2008, his wife and son sued a number of companies in San Francisco Superior Court, stating that their products contributed to his death as they contained asbestos. The case was transferred to California federal court in July 2011 and Pennsylvania federal court in October the same year to join many others.

Goodyear argued that they had no duty to warn Donlon and other employees about asbestos related health hazards as the Navy knew about them so it was their responsibility however the argument was eventually rejected and they reached a settlement agreement with Patti Donlon on January 12 this year, the details of which are confidential. Patti Donlon has also settled with Curtiss-Wright and Asbestos Corp. Ltd.

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