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Be Careful Following Wildfires

One of the worst wildfires in the state of California’s history has killed three people and destroyed over 1,000 homes.

In addition the fire is threatening another 3,500 homes to the north of San Francisco although according to Cal Fire the fire is now 70% contained. They went on to say that the public should remain vigilant as to the current conditions and heed any evacuation warnings. They should also be aware that deeply charred trees or poles could still be hazardous.

In addition, when it comes to clearing up after the fires, the public should be aware that chemicals and asbestos could have been released into the air so special precautions should be taken.

The fires injured four firefighters out of over 4,000 in around 100 fire crews who were fighting the blazes using over 350 fire engines and 15 helicopters.

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