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Be Careful Cleaning up After the Rains

California really needed rain and that arrived in early December but it brought with it floods and mudslides as well as strong winds which caused damage to many properties.

In the Mission District in San Francisco the sanitation pipes overflowed causing some homes to be flooded with sewage, and although across the state there was two to four inches of rain, near the San Bernardino Mountains almost 10 inches was recorded.

However when residents begin to clean up they need to be aware of potential hazards, not only from the bacteria which can grow in standing water, and mold on the damp walls, but also those older properties which contain asbestos need to know the risk of the fibers becoming airborne during clean up and repair activities.

Homeowners should look at obtaining expert environmental advice before starting to clean up their homes, to ensure they are not exposed to anything which could be potentially harmful.

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