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The Dangers of Blowing up Candlestick Park

At an education meeting at San Francisco General Hospital Dr. Ray Tomkins made a report on the healthcare crisis in Bayview Hunter’s Point and the plans to blow up part of the Candlestick Park in their community.

In 1998 the twin 20 storey Geneva Towers, located just a few minutes away from Candlestick Park were imploded. The toxin laden dust cloud went over hundreds of homes and to this day, according to the doctor, Hunters Point residents continue to suffer from health problems.

Next to Hunters Point is the famous stadium, Candlestick Park which was built of reinforced concrete in 1958 and there are now plans to implode the building. The doctor says that if that is to happen, there would be an enormous dust cloud, full of asbestos which would then be breathed in by the residents in the area and could lead to asbestos related diseases and cancers.

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