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Environment Protection Agency Clears Asbestos Laden Ash

Following the Valley Fire, the San Francisco Environmental Protection Agency has begun to dispose of the hazardous waste from the affected households.

In Lake County, workers were looking to remove any type of compressed air tanks including aerosols, paint cans, camping stoves and the like as they need to take them all out of the area before a specialist contractor arrives with large trucks to take away the mounds of ash. The reason is that it would be too dangerous to have potential explosive items mixed in with the ash when heavy machinery is operating.

Workers concentrated on the 15 homes nearest to schools in Middletown and they were chosen as the ash is laced with asbestos and needs to be moved before the students return to school.

The EPA is also working with trucks to water down the ash as much as possible to prevent it from becoming airborne.

They hope to finish within a month covering around 70 to 100 homes a day and have 1,280 in total to clean up.

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