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Grace Cathedral Gets Window Cleaned

At the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, the scaffolding has been put in place to restore the 45 foot high stained glass window on the California Street side.

The window features the New Testament and has Christ, four disciples and several angels. The original putty is wearing out which means that the lead strips may fall out followed by the glass. It was created in 1931 by stained glass artist, Charles Jay Connick.

The cathedral has hired a master restorer of stained glass, Ariana Makau who will carefully remove the 330 panels, taken them to her workshop in Oakland and carry out cleaning and reconstructive work.

However it is an expensive job although the actual amount has not been revealed.

To remove the 5,000 pieces of glass takes a lot of work and Makau and her tea have to work with hard hats, hazmat suits and respirators. This is because not only is the glass held together with lead but the window itself is full of asbestos.

The window will be replaced by brown glass and it is hoped the window will be back to its original glory in time for Easter Services 2016.

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