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New Trial Results in Asbestos Payout for Family

The family of Gordon Bankhead has been awarded a multi-million dollar asbestos mesothelioma settlement. His children and spouse alleged he was exposed to asbestos dust through his work with vehicle brake parts.

Gordon Bankhead worked as a parts man from 1965 to 1999, servicing and repairing heavy duty vehicles and in the course of his work he handled brakes containing asbestos including grinding them. Hence he was breathing deadly asbestos dust. Many of the brake linings he worked with were made by Pneumo Abex.

This was the second trial regarding the Bankhead family and defendant Pneumo Abex.

In the first trial Pneumo Abex were found to be 30% liable for his mesothelioma which he died from, aged 68 and the jury awarded the family around $9 million.

Pneumo Abex appealed the verdict, which was subsequently upheld, but this year there was a new trial to compensate his family for their loss of his companionship.

The trial took just 2 days resulting in a verdict of $11,000,000 with Emily Bankhead receiving $6 million in non economic damages and Tammy and Debbie Bankhead each received and $2.5 million.

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