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San Francisco Hall of Justice is Full of Asbestos

The Hall of Justice in San Francisco is very old and also houses the county jail. In addition there are court rooms, court offices, the office of the District Attorney and his staff and some police officers.

Until this year, the San Francisco Police Department Southern Station was also there until they moved to a new Public Safety Building in Mission Bay. However for those who remain, the building is none too pleasant to work in. There have been sewage issues recently when pipes burst and covered the floor in raw sewage and in addition the building itself is seismically unsound, coated in lead paint, and full of asbestos.

The elevators often do not work, the building is full of rats and employees agree that the building needs to be demolished even though a political battle is taking place from those who want to replace it and those who think the $240 million it would cost would be better spent elsewhere.

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