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Did You Think Asbestos was banned in the United States?

Many people believe that asbestos is now banned in the United States, once it was discovered that people started to get sick following exposure to its toxic fibers and once it was known that asbestos can cause chronic respiratory conditions as well as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

In 1973 most spray applied asbestos products were banned for fireproofing and insulation and in 1989 there was hope of a full ban on the manufacturing, import, and sale of all products containing asbestos.

Unfortunately, in 1991, asbestos industry supporters successfully challenged and overturned the ban as petitioners argued that many substitutes for asbestos were equally as dangerous.

Nonetheless, six categories of asbestos-containing products remained banned today including some types of paper, flooring felt and new uses for the product.

However, there are still many products which contain asbestos in existence which can cause harm to those working with or using them. These include a variety of construction materials, automotive products such as gaskets and brake pads and heat resistant clothing made of asbestos such as aprons, gloves and welder’s blankets.

There is still progress being made towards an outright ban, as in state of Washington, under the Better Brakes Law, which was passed in 2010, all brake pads and shoes have to be asbestos free by January 1, 2015. A similar measure was also recently passed in California.

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