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Workers’ Compensation Being Replaced

Workers’ compensation has been in place for years and it was originally founded because employers have a duty of care to workers and their families if they are injured. Under workers’ compensation they have to pay the medical bills incurred by the workers and some of their lost wages until they can return to work.

However, more companies are now opting out of workers’ compensation and setting up their own plans, but the problem is that not all of the plans are as comprehensive. Almost across the board these new plans have lower benefits and more restrictions.

Some plans will not pay for exposure to asbestos, silica dust or mould, and the amount of any claim can be limited. Some, such as Sears, have strict regulations if workers are injured, if they do not report the injury by the end of the shift then there cannot claim benefits. Others restrict the amount they will pay for medical devices, such as hearing aids or wheelchairs.

If a worker can never work again under workers’ compensation, it will usually provide a benefit for life, but some of these private plans cut off payment after two years.

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